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Customised transport solutions

Need to transport goods with specific conditions and services ?

SMI implements bespoke, turnkey solutions in optimal conditions.

Our specialist, responsive team is attentive to vos besoins, de your limitations and your requirements. It assesses and manages the transport to meet your challenges.

A single transport, yours...

Our commitments: a single transport, YOUR transport, including routing with no intermediate transloading, faster time frames and total control of the delivery time. It is a door-to-door service delivered at a set time, with POD sent to you immediately. Throughout the process, you can track the shipment in real time.

...tailored to your challenges

Our customised transport solutions are suitable for event logistics, aeronautics, automotive, health, industry, deliveries of artworks, prototypes, oversized goods, and more. A wide range of vehicles is available to you, from estate cars to semi-trailers, with or without a tailgate. As well as getting a truly bespoke solution, you will also benefit from a customised service operating on weekends and a24-hour hotline.

SMI guarantees

▪ Vehicle available 7 days a week
▪ Additional services on request
▪ France-Europe deliveries outside the EEC
▪ Domestic transport in a foreign country
▪ Ad valorem insurance
▪ 24-hour hotline


24 hours a day, 7 days a week