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LTL solutions

Looking for optimised transport costs?

SMI offer LTL solutions for regional, domestic and international transport.

Our primary goal is to optimise the routing of your freight, to increase your productivity while managing your budget. The power of our tools combined with the expertise and experience of our steering unit enable us to pool flows, reduce distances travelled and improve the filling rate of our vehicles.

Tailored to your requirements

Striving as ever to remain flexible and efficient, our experts organise transport by integrating flows greater than 3 tonnes or 6 pallets, fully in line with your needs and constraints, your volumes and your customer requirements.

Thanks to our extensive network of French and European partners, our LTL transport solutions are suitable for any type of general palletised goods, whether packaged or not, and up to the full truckload, with no transloading, in France and in Europe.

SMI guarantees

▪ Tautliner vehicles, vans, high volume, refrigerated, trays
▪ Taillift delivery
▪ Dangerous product delivery
▪ Sensitive freight delivery
▪ Collection and delivery by appointment
▪ Regulation compliance
▪ Deadline compliance


24 hours a day, 7 days a week