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The warehousing solution

Looking for a logistics space?

SMI offers an optimised solution for storage, order picking/packing and transport for all your one-off or regular shipments.

SMI always finds the right solution between your request and our offer, and coordinates all the organisational, administrative and management processes involved We capitalise on all our solutions to ensure that your products stored in our warehouse are delivered to your recipients as quickly as possible, in the right quantity and cost effectively.

All associated services

With an impressive level of service, our solutions include the receipt of parcels, le storage in pallet racks or on the ground, la inventory management and its real-time visibility, order preparation, picking, labelling and packing, la redistribution by courier, groupage and direct deliveries.

SMI guarantees

▪ Inventory management
▪ Order preparation
▪ Management of your shipments
▪ Quality control upon receipt
▪ Real-time stock visibility
▪ Advanced storage platform


24 hours a day, 7 days a week